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Halifax International Airport
Halifax Regional Municipality, Nova Scotia.


G.F. Duffus & Co. Ltd.
has been involved in three different projects with the Halifax International Airport.  The initial project in 1988-89 involved the addition to, and renovation of, the international gates.  It included a new paraplegic accessible elevator, escalator, a new departure gate and the relocation of an existing gate and passenger bridge.  After preparation of the contract documents this project was, unfortunately, not executed due to a change in the airport's terms of reference and scope of work.  

In 1997-98 G.F. Duffus & Co. Ltd. was selected as the Architects for the improvement to the existing 1959 entrance to the airport.  This entrance had undergone modifications as part of a Hotel project which failed.  The remnants created an interesting puzzle to figure out.   The upgrade included additions to some existing steel, and a design to compliment the 1985 concept developed on the upper level.   We also designed a new canopy to provide weather protection as seen in the first image above. 

Also in 1997-99 G.F. Duffus & Co. Ltd. was selected by PWGSC to prepare Design Build documents for Tender purposes for phase II of the expansion to the ticketing area.   The winning Contractor then engaged the firm for the Design Build process.  this project included design of the new ticketing area and circulation specifically near the main doors.  Two 16' revolving doors were incorporated into the exterior wall, one being a new entrance, as well as an escalator, and an elevator.  Two old internal stairs were also relocated to the extension and new baggage handling and office space was provided. 

Project dates: 1988-89, 1997-99
Estimated cost:
$5,916,000 all together

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