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Province House
Provincial Legislature, Halifax, Nova Scotia. (1819)

Province House

The project involved the development of an outline specification for stone restoration.   The document was then used as the terms of reference by South Western Stone Cleaning and Restoration Company Limited of Bristol, England.  Their proposal included the development of a stone cutting shop, training twelve Nova Scotian apprentices, and undertaking the three-year stone restoration program of the building. 

The first year involved set up of the stone shop, finding a suitable replacement stone and securing it from the quarry, analyzing possible methods of cleaning, testing, and execution of the cleaning.  Elevation drawings were completed and a survey of the entire exterior fabric was made.  The second and third years included restoring the stone, contracting and restoring the windows where possible, installation of new gutters, leader boxes and rain water leaders, plus new storm windows. 

Project dates: 1984-87. 
Estimated cost: $4,000,000

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